Most Recent Awards

2017 Indy International wine competition

8 for 8

2014 Vendange A Trois - Gold

2015 Vidal Blanc - Silver

2014 Vin De Rouge - Silver

2015 Chardonnay - Silver

2015 Red Zinfandel - Silver

N/V Norton - Bronze

2015 Cellar Blush - Bronze

2015 Cabernet Franc - Bronze


2017 Ohio Wine Competition

10 for 10

2015 Vidal - Silver

2015 Cellar Blush - Silver

2014 Merlot - Silver

2014 Vendange A Trois - Silver

2015 Red Zinfandel - Silver

2014 Vin De Rouge - Silver

2013 Norton - Bronze

2015 Cabernet Franc - Bronze

2016 Riesling - Bronze

2015 Chardonnay - Bronze


2014 Ohio Wine Competition

6 for 6

2011 Merlot - Concourse Gold

2012 Chardonnay - Silver

2012 Vendange A Trois - Silver

2011 Cabernet Franc - Bronze

N/V Norton - Bronze


2014 Fingerlakes International Wine Competition

6 for 6

2012 Chardonnay - Silver

2013 Cellar Blush - Silver

2012 Vidal - Bronze

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon - Bronze

2011 Merlot - Bronze


Indy International Wine Competition 2012
Henke Winery was awarded 7 medals:
Cellar Blush - GOLD
Vidal , Vin de Rouge, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc - SILVER
Norton & Seyval - BRONZE

2012 Ohio Wine Competition
A panel comprised of 10 wine professionals judged 268 wines from wineries all over
Ohio. Henke Winery entered 11 wines this year-all 11 medaled as follows:
Cellar Blush 20011 - BEST OF SHOW BLUSH/ROSE
Vendange a Trois 2010 -GOLD
Vin de Rouge 2011 -GOLD
Chardonnay 2010-GOLD
Merlot 2009 -SILVER
Vidal 2011 -SILVER
Riesling 2011 -BRONZE
Cabernet Franc 2010 -BRONZE
Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 -BRONZE
Seyval 2010 -BRONZE
Norton NV - BRONZE

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Henke Winery...

... ranks among "the top 10 urban wineries in the United States." Food Republic
...voted "Best Wine Shop in Cincinnati" by Cincy Magazine readers.
... makes Channel 19's "A List".

The Winery was established in 1996 quickly outgrowing its first location in Historic Winton Place. We then moved to the west side where we have been a mainstay for more than 15 years, providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for all.

The cuisine at Henke Winery and Restaurant is best described as American/eclectic. Chef Steve Anderson, a Cincinnati (West side) native, has been making exquisite soups, features, and desserts for Henke Winery. With a full Resume, including The Maisonette, The Palace, and Rondo's, you can expect a full culinary adventure.

All wines are made right here in our own cellar. We do everything like Mondovi except have vineyards. The Ohio Valley region offers many quality vineyards and Henke takes advantage of these resources as much as possible.

A very special thanks goes out to a large group of volunteers that help bottle the wine and come together like an extended family to make Henke Winery a success!

Honors Archive

The Henke Winery has a long history of award winning wines. We are proud to share this history with you on our Honors Archive page.

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